About Bush Fighters PaintBalling

We are Abuja’s premier Paintball arena located at Central Park Abuja, Nigeria.

Set strategically by nature, with a beautiful and elevated landscape, which presents a perfect view from all angles, our unique arena is the most authentic in design and the best battle ground in Nigeria. The best part about is we are easily accessible because we are located right in the heart of the city.

We strive to provide you with the most amazing paintball experience within the country.

Ready to Play?

Create memories that will last a lifetime. Irrespective of how you come, with family, friends, a platoon or co-workers, we guarantee you a fun filled day of adrenaline exploding action. Our highly experienced instructors will indulge everyone in the safety processes in order to ensure that your Paintball experience is both safe and fun.

About PaintBalling

Paintball is played in over 40 countries by men and women of all ages; It is a form of exercise that is great for burning calories, keeping fit and having fun all at the same time.
Paintball is played with the user of a Paintball Marker (a.k.a. Paintball gun) and Paintball pellets (a.k.a Paintball bullets). Paintball pellets come in rainbow of bright colors such as green, blue, yellow, orange and more. When a paintball pellet tags a player, the thin gelatin skin splits open, and the liquid inside leaves a bright ‘’paint’’ splash on the player. A player who is tagged is eliminated from the game.

Bush Fighters PaintBallers In Action

About Our Tally Baord

The saying goes “give honor to whom honor is due” and at BushFighters Paintball Club, we adopt a customized tally board system used to recognize outstanding performances during competitions and tournaments. We award points for ‘head-shots’ and ‘body-shots’ and the combination of both amount to what we call ‘total kills’. All participants have an equal opportunity to have their name recorded on the tally board by having at least one clean shot on an opponent’s kill spot (head and body) during the game.

Before You Play

  • Before you begin your game at Bush Fighters Paintball Club, you must sign a waiver agreement.
  • Players below 18 years must have the waiver form signed by their parents or guardian on or before the day of play.
  • A player must be at least 10 years old in order to play paintball in our Arena.
  • The face mask used on our field must also fit on the head of the player irrespective of the age.

Click here to fill view a copy of our waiver form (You can also download and print a copy when coming to our Arena.

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Central Park Abuja
Plot 174, Kur Mohammed Avenue Central Business area,
Beside Kebbi hotel (Former GSM village).
P: +234 809 272 2852