View event spaces available at Central Park Abuja suitable for a wide range of events like weddings, birthday parties, private parties, fairs, festivals, concerts, large events, etc.

Love Garden

Small green area surrounded by tall shrubs. Ideal for small private events.
Maximum Capacity: 10 persons.

Secret Garden

Shedded area with patches of green and concrete slabs . Ideal for small private events.
Maximum Capacity: 25 persons.

Open Area

Large open field. Ideal for Festivals, Concerts, Fairs, Weddings, Large events.
Maximum Capacity: 2500 persons (Standing),
1,500 persons (Seating)
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PSP Court

Enclosed field located in the heart of the park. Ideal for concerts, Fairs, Weddings, Birthday parties, private events.
Maximum Capacity: 800 persons (Standing),
400 persons (Seating)

White Fountain Garden

Open Garden area. Ideal for Fairs, weddings,.
Maximum Capacity: 500 persons (Standing), 300 persons (Seating)
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A nature inspired venue will make your event more colourful and enjoying!

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