What should I wear when coming to Go-Kart?

Everyone who wishes to ride on our track must wear covered shoes. We also recommend that you wear comfortable trousers. However, we do have overalls available at an extra cost which you can use to ride.

How long does a Go-Kart ride take?

It all depends on the speed at which you race but typically, it takes 6-12 minutes for a complete ride. Each ride on our track consists of 5 laps.

How much is a Go-Kart Ride?

Go-Kart rides cost N5,000 for adults & N3,000 for children under the age of 16! However, if a the child is 5ft or taller, he/she will have to use an adult kart and pay the adult fee of N5,000.

How does the go-kart work?

All persons who wish to ride at Bush-Riders must sign a waiver. You can view a copy of the waiver here. Once you’ve signed the waiver and paid for your Go-Kart ride, you will be given a safety briefing by a member of our team. Once you’ve had the briefing and you’ll be all set to ride!