What is central park Abuja?

Central Park Abuja is your ultimate one-stop recreational park located in the heart of Abuja.

Our green scenes intertwined with thrilling activities, make it the perfect place to build memories that will last a lifetime

What activities do you have at the Park?

We have activities for all age ranges, from our 500m Go-Kart racetrack to our Paintball for teenagers and adults, playground, and arcade for Children

When is Central Park Abuja open?

The park is open daily for sightseeing, children’s playground & garden chilling from 10am – 10pm. 

The restaurant opens daily from 12pm to 10pm 

Other activities such as Paintball, Go-Kart, Arcade, etc opens from 12pm – 8pm Tuesday to Sunday

What’s the cost for activities at the park?

  Go-Kart  #7,500
   Paintball Adult  #8,500
   Paintball Kids  #8,000
   Waterpark Adult  #24,000
   Waterpark Kids  #18,000
   Playground  #2,500
   Bring your Bicycle  #3,500

Are events allowed at the park?

We have an outdoor space that is suitable for all types of event and activities such as birthdays, bridal showers, festivals, concerts, sip & paint, etc. Contact Customer Support to inquire more

Are food and drinks allowed in the park?

Food and drinks are not allowed into the park except for customers that rent/pay to use our facility

Is there a gate fee?

Entry into Central Park Abuja is free

Where is Central park Abuja located?

Central Park Abuja is located at Plot 174, Muhammed Avenue Opposite Nexim bank Central Area OR Type in Central PArk Abuja into google maps to be directed here

Are pets (dogs) allowed in Central Park Abuja?

Pets are allowed in Central Park Abuja. Pets are not allowed in playgrounds, Go-kart tracks, paintball Field, and cycling Track. They must always be under the control of their owner. Pets may not dig, damage Park property, or interfere with other Park users. Always clean up after your dog, including dog hair that you brush off in the Park.

Can we have picnics at the Park?

  • Picnics are allowed at the love garden, Mystic garden, and open area at a fee
  • Picnics of more than 20 people comes at an additional cost.
  • Tables and chairs are not permitted to be set up on any grassy areas, due to the damage that the legs may cause.
  • Barbecuing, open flames and grilling is not permitted in the park


Are there restaurants in Central Park Abuja?

Central Park Abuja hosts a blend of cuisine from The Park’s Family Restaurant Tapas On The Green which serves Nigerian, Chinese and Indian cuisine to the Burger Truck situated by the Park’s entrance to City Grill, the garden area that serves Lebanese cuisine and a Food Cafe by the Golf Course